We have two projects that could really benefit from your help. We hope that you'll be able to support, in even the smallest of ways... it all makes a massive difference!

We focus on working in partnership to create safer communities while also providing comprehensive resources, information, and access to support for anyone affected by crime or in unsafe situations. Over the period of 4 months, piloting in 3 counties we now have 65 (and counting) non-profit partners who have joined us and we need your help to continue.

Plastic Pollution Dynamics

We’re just a short hurdle away from being able to launch the DA-1 device to map plastic pollution dynamics. Please help us get there!  The DA1 device will measure and gather never captured before pollution dynamics of plastic in the UK rivers as it makes its way to the Ocean. We are almost set for launch, but just a short financial goal away (£1 150) away from being able to launch the device in May. We would be over the moon with gratitude if you could help us with even the smallest of amounts to reach our goal. Every little helps. Please watch the video to learn more, share with others and click on the link to donate.

If you supported us, please send us your name or your company name and a photo or logo, as well as the project you donated to. We would love to feature you on our wall of gratitude!!